Swimming Pool Service/Maintenance

Our swimming pool construction services does not stop with pool installation, we take pride in ensuring that our clients enjoy their pools to the maximum. Pool care is given a very high priority.

Even though our pools are design to require very low maintenance, some level of maintenance is essential, however, the pool maintenance cost is very low.

To get you started, we offer our clients a free one month maintenance after commissioning

We offer regular scheduled pool care services to keep your pool water sparkling and bacteria free. Pool maintenance can be performed weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. We also have a once-off pool maintenance services.

During a pool maintenance service we will:

  • Test and adjust the water and pH balance
  • Empty pump and skimmer baskets
  • Remove debris and brush the entire pool
  • Do a manual vacuum if required
  • Chemical dosing as appropriate
  • Do an equipment check (filters, pumps, plumbing)
  • Backwash filter and clean the filter if necessary.

Good quality pool supply is essential for pristine looking pool water. We strive to provide the best quality pool equipment to ensure that their pool water in always crystal clear and bacteria free. Pool care is given a very high priority.

Need our Swimming Pool Services

Do you need to install, repair your swimming pool or you want to buy swimming pool materials we can help with that