Our Services

Top quality swimming pool construction, swimming pool safety and pool care are our priority. Whether what you want is a family size private swimming pool concealed away from the glare of neighbours, indoor swimming pools, a commercial swimming pool for hotels in Nigeria, estates or sport facilities for the general public, we are ready to make that dream a reality. Our completed swimming pool projects span many states in Nigeria as location is not a deterrent to our operations.

We specialise in the following:

  • The supply and installation of fibreglass swimming pools and Spas pools (hot tubs). We pride ourselves as the first fibreglass swimming pool construction company in Nigeria.
  • Conversion of old concrete or vinyl pools to fibreglass pool and spa. Fibreglass lining
  • Swimming pool maintenance
  • Supply and installation of Safety swimming pool covers.
  • Swimming pool supply and equipment such as pumps, filters, safety pool cover (including chemicals).
  • Supply, installation and maintenance of packaged sewage treatment plants for private homes, estates, golf courses, and hotels in Nigeria. This is managed by our parent company Nateya Limited.
  • Supply, installation and maintenance of packaged water treatment plants. These treatment plants are designed to treat each particular water source to UN class one drinking standard. (*Link with packaged water treatment page)
  • We provide swimming pool landscaping services, concrete imprinting for driveways, walkways and swimming pool decks.

Need our Swimming Pool Services

Do you need to install, repair your swimming pool or you want to buy swimming pool materials we can help with that