Pre-mould Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Also known as Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), fibreglass is a composite of fibreglass and a polymer resin that when combined, offer a stronger, more durable, more corrosion and heat-resistant product than is found anywhere else. When cured, the end product will hold its shape because of the resin, while the fibreglass will provide strength and stiffness.

The resin has additional corrosion- and heat-resistant properties not found in any type of metal products. This technology has led to increased durability and strength in hostile and corrosive environments such as chemical processing plants, food processing, waste water treatment and sewage treatment, fuel storage tanks and more.

The process came into its own in the 1960s, surpassing steel and other metals as the preferred choice in thousands of applications. And because moulds can be designed in any shape, size, GRP products can be made in virtually any shape and size to accommodate a wide range of custom pool designs.

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